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Questions Parents Should Ask A Nursery School Before Enrolling Their Child 


Nov 16, 2022
Questions Parents Should Ask A Nursery School Before Enrolling Their Child 


The philosophy of early childhood education differs from state to state, so parents should familiarize themselves with different philosophies before choosing a nursery school. Listed below are some important things you should be aware of when choosing nurseries in Jumeirah Dubai, for your kids. These considerations are important for your child’s development. You can use the following questions to guide your search for the right school for your child.


A nursery school’s curriculum should promote the development of knowledge, skills, and a sense of wonder. It should be creative and differentiated, enabling teachers to adapt the content to meet the needs of individual children. The curriculum should also promote language development and nurture a love of learning. It should be culturally sensitive and take cultural diversity into account.

The curriculum of a nursery school is based on the interests of the children and their parents, and it is child-centered. Each child’s development is encouraged through creative, hands-on learning activities. The daily routines at the school are carefully planned with the help of a team of teachers who work closely with the children. The program balances literacy and math with movement, music, and community play. Outdoor play also enriches the children’s experience.

Ask if the preschool provides transportation for the child:

There are a few things that parents should always look for in a nursery school. First, ask if the preschool provides transportation for the child. This can be a big consideration for parents because many have busy schedules. Also, check the ratio of children to teachers.

Ask if the school offers special programs:

Lastly, ask if the school offers special programs. Young children have a lot of energy and need to be engaged in fun activities. Find out whether the school has special programs for children with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues. It is also helpful to ask for references. This will give you a better idea of the school’s culture and teaching standards.

Parent involvement:

Parent involvement at a nursery school is an excellent way to build relationships between the school and parents. Parents can participate in school activities and help to further the educational program by presenting ideas and providing input. Regular communication is essential to establish a partnership. School newsletters and parent messaging apps can help parents stay informed. Parents will feel more engaged and invested in the care of their children if they are involved in the learning process.