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The Latest Technology In Printers


Oct 19, 2022
The Latest Technology In Printers

Printers are common computer devices divided into two categories, 2D and 3D printers. 2D printers are machines that print text or graphics on paper or fabric. On the other hand, a 3D printer is the latest technology used to create three-dimensional physical objects. Today, here you will learn about the latest technology in printers. Contact us on the following numbers to buy the best Xerox printer in Dubai.

PureFlexo printing:

PureFlexo printing is a unique process that optimizes ink laydown, airflow, and ink retention. It also minimizes unwanted dot gain and improves plate life. PureFlexo is available to all Flexo NX users. The new technology is based on the same imaging platforms introduced in 2008. It has been tested and proven on over 20,000 jobs in two years.

The new technology enables more control over unwanted ink spread and more latitude on the printing press. With PureFlexo, you’ll be able to increase the output of your flexible packaging plant and minimize unscheduled press stops. You’ll also benefit from a wide range of financial benefits.


Drop-on-demand technology in printing offers a range of advantages. This technology is versatile and flexible and offers high-resolution printing. It also allows for greyscale and gradient effects at high speeds. As a result, it offers many benefits, including low cost and high throughput rates.

These printers work differently than continuous inkjet printers, which pressurize the ink constantly. Drop-on-demand printers pressurize the ink only when the print job requires it. They are one of the most common industrial printing technologies.

Canon UVgel 460 inks:

UVgel inks are odorless, non-toxic, and especially safe for indoor use. This technology is used for various applications, including designer wallpaper, floor decals, canvas prints, soft signage, and frontlits.

HP top feeder:

HP’s Officejet Pro 8620 printers can print up to 24 pages per minute and scan twice the speed. It also supports a 100-page storage capacity, so you can print much more without refilling the cartridge. This printer also offers a color touchscreen and access to HP’s Instant Ink program. It makes for a hands-free solution, which makes it a great choice for home and small office printing.