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Top Astonishing Benefits Of Residential Solar Electricity


Dec 26, 2022
Top Astonishing Benefits Of Residential Solar Electricity


Going solar energy has many benefits, including reducing your monthly electricity bill, helping to offset your carbon footprint, and even boosting the value of your home. Installing a residential solar energy system can save you almost a tonne of CO2 per year. However, solar is only useful in a particular climate, so consider your location before committing.

They are more effective at offsetting your electric bill:

Solar panels are more effective in offsetting your electric bill when your house is located in an area with plenty of sunlight. Several other factors can help reduce the amount of electricity you use, such as weatherizing your home, switching to energy-efficient lighting, and upgrading your electronics. Also, solar batteries can store excess power and transfer it back to the grid when needed.

Increase home value:

A study by the National renewable energy laboratory (NREL) found that solar and other renewable energy technologies can significantly affect your home’s value. They reported that a house with a solar panel added a whopping 15% to its value, while a house without solar panels grew by about 2%.

It is a clean alternative to a traditional power source:

As the market for renewable energy improves, the number of homeowners choosing to go solar continues to rise. Some companies even offer incentives for converting your home to a more green power source. In Dubai, the government has enacted a program that pays low-income homeowners to convert to solar energy. In addition, solar is a renewable source of electricity, which means that it is a clean alternative to traditional power sources.

Make your home more resilient to outages and other inconveniences:

Although solar isn’t the only option for going green, it’s certainly the best. It can also help make your home more resilient to outages and other inconveniences. There are numerous financing options, such as home renovation loans, no-down payment leases, and home improvement loans. The most popular types of solar are rooftop solar photovoltaic panels. These are the most common form of solar technology.

It will generate electricity:

The best part about a solar system is that it will generate electricity. That’s a major plus, considering that traditional power sources are often associated with air and water pollution. The technology also can generate power when the sun isn’t shining. You can even store it for use when the grid fails.